Cowboy Gun Shooting

Shoot 'em up!

Train your eyes, train your hand skills with the cowboy gun shooting game (shooting game).

This shooting game is designed in western game style, cowboy game style. The weapon being used in this game is a pistol (handgun) with six bullets.

Your mission is to shoot all the targets by aiming and shooting with the single tap.

The scene is that you are in a saloon and practicing your shooting skills.

Two game modes in shooting game:

- Arcade is a classic game mode. What you need to do is shoot all random targets and don’t miss any of them. Try to score the highest score as your best.

- Quick Draw (also known as Fast Draw) is the ability to quickly draw a handgun and accurately fire it upon a target in the process.

You can also compare your scores with all players around the world. The leaderboards are displayed on the board in the saloon.