Duck Hunter

Classic and challenging duck hunting game.

Duck hunting is a classic hunting game. You will be a duck hunter and use many kind of guns to hunt birds as much as possible.

* You only have one chance to kill the bird.

* Do not let any birds fly away.

Features of Duck Hunting:

- Easy to play

- Challenging and Addictive gameplay

- Many type of guns

- Leaderboard

- Nice graphics and sound effects

- Smooth and optimized for phone performance


With duck hunting game, you will able to be a crazy hunter, take the birds down and get rewards.

With 1 bird down you get 1 meat.

With 1 headshot bird you get 2 meats.

With 3 times headshot you get 1 gold bird. The gold bird give you 4 meats and 1 gold egg.

Do not forget beat your high score and your friends too. By click on leaderboard you can compare your score with friends.