Fireworks Pro





A Realistic 3D Fireworks Game!

Want to walk around the town and fire it up? Want to setup your own firework show? Everything you need about fireworks is in this Fireworks Play game.
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Fireworks Pro is a simulation fireworks game. Download the game and enjoy realistic graphics, and much more:

- With FPS mode, you can walk around the town to fire fireworks and make some explosions next to your neighbors.

- Plenty of fireworks: Sets, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Brocade, Crossette, Ghost Shell, Strobe, Willow, Horsetail, Palm, Ground, Comet, Letter, Number, Shape. It is guaranteed to add more!

- Simulate fireworks shows.

- Easily walk around the town and play with fireworks stuff.

- Flexible to customize your fireworks such as: color, height, time, trail, size, angle, whistle.

- Amazing tools: undo, copy, cut when setting up fireworks.

- Tap fireworks mode which is easy to play by tap on screen - allow you relax and reduce stressful.

- Realistic fireworks and explosion sounds.

- Real 3D fireworks game.